Introducing 100 Miles of Wild Team Member, Andrew Reinhard

22 Apr


Occupation: Director of Publications for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA), Archaeologist

Athletics: Solo Ultralight Wilderness Explorer, Orienteering, Geocaching

Other Info: Archaeological fieldwork in Greece, Italy, Illinois, and Kansas. Adventure travel writer and photographer, novelist. Eagle Scout and whitewater guide. B.A. in Archaeology from the University of Evansville, and M.A. in Art History and Archaeology from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

For over 20 years, Andrew Reinhard has been merging his love of exploring the wilderness with his need to write about the experiences. Recent solo adventures include exploring the Steens Mountain Wilderness (Oregon) and the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness (Idaho). He will be documenting the 100 Miles of Wild expedition as it happens in writing, photos, and audio recordings from the field, in preparation for writing the book about the trek. An archaeologist by training, he has excavated at Poggio Civitate (Murlo) in Italy, Isthmia in Greece, a Creole settlement along the banks of the Mississippi in Illinois, and a Hopewell site in Kansas. He has backpacked in 47 states.


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