Introducing 100 Miles of Wild Team member, and Adventure Science founder, Simon Donato

22 Apr


Occupation: Director, Stoked Oats

Athletics: Ultra-endurance athlete

Other Info: Undergrad at UWO – archaeology BAhon, w/ ecology minor; MSc UWO – invertebrate paleontology; PhD McMaster University – sedimentology, invertebrate ecology
Competed in races around the globe for over 12 years – including Eco Challenge 2001 – NZ, 2002 – Fiji

Founded the Canadian Adventure Racing Association in 2004
Founded the Boler Mountain Bike Centre 1994
Black Belt Kempo Karate
Ski Coach and Instructor

Fellow International 2009 of the Explorers Club, Dr. Simon Donato is an adventurer and ultra-endurance athlete, and the founder of Adventure Science. Formerly a geologist with Imperial Oil, he resigned in 2012 to pursue his passion for healthy living and adventure. He now spends his days running Calgary based Stoked Oats, writing articles and blogs for magazines including Canadian Running, Impact, and Breathe, and is an athletic ambassador for Jugo Juice. Along with Josh and Jordan of Eady Bros productions, he is the co-creater of BoundlessTV, which saw both he and Turbo compete in some of the planet’s toughest endurance events this past year. In just 18 weeks, they raced nearly 1000 km on land and water across four continents. In addition to founding Stoked Oats, Simon continues to run Adventure Science, a company that combines his love of scientific exploration and adventure, and has taken him to exotic locations around the globe in search of missing people, airplanes, and archaeological ruins. Adventure Science is, and always will be an impartial organization dedicated to scientific observation and discovery using scholars and athletes.


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